Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mmm, negligence

Jennifer hasn’t spoken to Barbara in a week or so.  Jennifer called Rachel last night to see if she could babysit.  Barbara was on the phone and neither of them knew it.  Jennifer said it would only be until ten, then Rachel could leave.  The thing is, Jennifer wasn’t going to be back at ten.  “Well, they’ll just go to sleep after that,” she explained.  Then Brenda cut in and blew up at her about not taking care of her kids.  Jennifer got defensive, said, “I’m not talking to you about this.  I got somebody else to watch them.”   
 This has court case written all over it.

Cs make degrees

Barbara was talking to Rachel about her failing grades.  Rachel’s excuse was “I was tired, I didn’t feel like doing it.”  And Barbara accepted that.  I’m not saying she was happy about it, but she didn’t scold her or anything.  Granted, none of this should be happening on the phone while she’s at work, but…

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

That's why teachers earn the big bucks

Barbara’s talking about a five year old that she knows who “talks big.”  Barbara was surprised to hear her say that school was going to be “exciting.”  Eventually, Barbara said that she doesn’t even think the little girl is in preschool.  “I think her mom teaches her stuff.”  She said it like she was shocked at the concept.   

Concerned for the wrong reason

Barbara is giving Rachel the third degree about why she got a B on her AP Econ test.  She is wondering how she was able to get such a high grade when she is doing so poorly in the class.  I’m glad it was always the opposite with my parents. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Machine Gun Eileen

An older co-worker speaks like machine gun bursts.  She won’t wait her turn.  I find conversations go like this;
“Hey, older co-worker,”
“I finished with the”
Oh you finished awesome
“stuff you needed me to do but”
Uhoh is there a problem
“I have a question about this address on”
Which one? That one?
“The last one.  Should I use”
Whyntcha just do it as is and I’ll let them correct me?
“The full P.O. box or just a partial since it doesn’t fit?”  

It's exhausting 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Barbara thinks her fish is smart because he floats to the surface when she gets the food out at the same time every day.  

So Jennifer left her kids alone the other day.  One of the neighbor kids came over and Sebastian ended up with two staples in his head because he "fell off a stool."  Now there is talk at the apartment complex of calling CPS.  

We just taught Barbara how to copy/paste on her computer.  First we had to teach her how to right click.  Forget about keyboard shortcuts.

Barbara is asking Rachel about her grades.  The funny part is, Barbara can’t even pronounce most of the classes she’s asking her about. Microkenomics?  Not sure I’m familiar with that one.  

Terry showed us some family photos he had taken at a department store.  I could have taken more appealing pictures of salted meats. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Down goes Sherri

Barbara - Sherri sprang [sic] both her ankles!

She did, according to at least one doctor, sprain both her ankles.  This is round one of what will go on to be a very rocky relationship between Sherri and her employment.